by Karen Seaboyer

It all started with a cute little yellow Volkswagen Beetle sitting in the parking lot of a Chinese restaurant on East Hastings. The bus went past it every day on my way to work. It had a “For Sale” sign in the side window.

My workplace had recently packed up and moved to Burnaby – no longer a 10 minute ride from home. This business of getting up earlier, changing buses in the pouring rain, sitting next to annoying people every day – and THEN walking uphill 1.2 miles – really did not work well for this non-morning person. So one crisp, autumn afternoon I pulled the bus bell and got out to investigate that little car.

The Bug had a stick shift. Having learned to drive on an automatic Pinto wagon, then cruising around in radio station promo vehicles for years, I knew this was going to be a different situation. I couldn’t even take it for a test drive.

It turned out an elderly German mechanic named Witt worked at the next door automotive shop, just minding one bay for himself in an otherwise larger shop. He was the Bug seller and was very happy to meet someone so keen on his car, since all he worked on were VWs. But I couldn’t drive it and, having never owned a car before, felt that a good friend needed to drive it and tell me if it was a fine investment. One did and it was.

I bought it on my birthday and named it Jackson Yellowe the Wonderbug.