by Karen Seaboyer

It’s not the fastest car on the highway, but it’s definitely the most adorable. Almost every day, while at a red light or in a parking lot, someone will give me a big smile and thumbs up. Sometimes they roll down their windows and ask which year it is. In ferry line-ups, they’ve inquired about which mechanic they should use for their Bug. And, of course, they usually asked about the name.

And so I learned of the affection past drivers still hold for the Bugs of their youth. I have returned from shopping to see an entire family doing a group photo shoot in front of my car. I’m not kidding. Once there were four Japanese tourists crowding around and when I showed up, they got all excited saying, “The dlivel! The dlivel!” and insisted I pose with them.

To accompany this decades-long nostalgia, there are many, many VW Bugs manufactured today, but in wee versions. They sit on desks, in collection display cases, or with distinction on mantels. They come in all colours with various features reflecting the different years’ models. They are mini cars, keychains, clocks, staplers, USB flash drives, on t-shirts, furniture, and mugs. I’ve got some really unique specimens to share with you. This blog is bigger than my home, so it’s the best place to showcase the collection and share the stories.

The first Christmas with Jackson, my boss drew my name for our staff Secret Santa gift exchange. We were a pretty congenial group and everyone was thoughtful with their choices. I was so surprised to see such an anatomically correct model of my own car. The doors opened, the gear shift wiggled and the wheels rolled. Everyone in the office knew about my struggles during the first few months of driving. The community joke was that it was impossible for me to stall this one.

The next car’s got nothing, but time.