The Groovy Beetlemania

Little bits and tales about my VW Beetles

Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and… Jackson?

Jackson Yellowe the Wonderbug was discovered at roadside by a talent scout and debuted in an IKEA Christmas ad.


Herbie Wasn’t the Only Film Star

Love Bugs and the silver screen. Who would have expected a humble little car to be internationally glamourized and revered as a movie star?

C’mon Get Happy!

What’s not to love about a big, bright, yellow, happy thing?

Ding Dong! Avon Calling!

The beautiful Avon lady arriving with gifts, each one having its cherished place in every cozy, fireplace-glowing family room in the North American household.

It’s About Time

A timeless work of the exquisite VW Beetle composition. Iconic. Legendary. Coveted.

“Rolling down 295 out of Portland, Maine”

I have returned from shopping to see an entire family doing a group photo shoot in front of my car. I'm not kidding.

Jackson Yellowe… like Browne, but Yellowe

They told me I had to name my car. Every Bug driver I met in a parking lot said I had to name my car.

Birthday Bug

Jackson Yellowe the Wonderbug was the most exciting toy I'd bought myself and yet I couldn't play with it.

Jackson Yellowe the Wonderbug

It all started with a cute little yellow Volkswagen Beetle sitting in the parking lot of a Chinese restaurant on East Hastings.

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